Travel to Oujda

Reserve your flights to Oujda with Etihad Airways and travel to a destination which has strong historical and cultural significance, along with highlights that make a visit to this regional capital more than worthwhile.

Top 5 Things To Do in Oujda

  • Take a leisurely walk to the Kissaria, the main market where shops and bazaars sell everything from traditional handicrafts to traditional foodstuffs
  • Marvel at The Grand Mosque, built in the 13th Century, it is certainly the oldest mosque in the city and its incredible beauty must be seen to be believed
  • The four gateways to the city, Bab Oulad Amran, Bab Sidi Aïssa, Bab Sidi Abdelwahab and the Bab Ahl Jam monuments are huge structures which delimit the old town
  • Relax in the largest green space in the city, the Lalla Aicha Park, one of the many parks and gardens that give the city its open air character
  • Situated 6 km from Oujda is Sidi Yahya oasis, a former desert meeting point, and a calm and serene location. The shrines and tombs of several saints can be found here

Plan Your Oujda Visit

Located in a strategic position relative to Europe, the Mediterranean Sea and Algeria, Oujda is one of the lesser known jewels of northern Africa and is great location to unwind and relax in peace and serenity.

Obtaining flight deals to Oujda is easy with Etihad’s popular deals. The busiest time is the annual Gharnati Music Festival held every June since 1946. You should be sure to book your tickets to Oujda well in advance if you plan to experience this iconic cultural event. It is possible to find cheap hotels in Oujda outside of festival time, especially if you are prepared to look outside the city centre.