Travel to  Mali

Book your flights to Mali with Etihad Airways and get ready for first class service provided by our expert staff. Mali is a friendly country whose welcoming people are deeply in touch with their traditional and historical heritage.

Top 5 Things To Do in Mali

  • In Timbuktu, learn about the history of Mali as a nation of traders and scholars
  • Visit the city of Djenné on the shores of the Bani River, home to the world’s largest mud structure, the Great Mosque
  • Travel down the Niger River to see the breathtaking landscapes of Mali
  • Immerse yourself in the legendary music, cuisine, and markets of Bamako, the capital city of Mali
  • Make memories that will last a lifetime as you ride a camel on a guided tour through the Sahara desert

Plan Your Mali Visit

As a Saharan country, Mali is extremely hot in summer and from March to May temperatures can be in excess of 40 degrees. To plan your visit to Mali, the best time is during the cooler, more pleasant winter months when temperatures are closer to 30 degrees. If you plan to travel by boat during your visit, be sure to visit in November to December, while the rivers are still navigable following the rainy season. The wet season itself certainly lives up to its name as the country plays host to some of the world’s most magnificent thunderstorms.

To find the best flight deals to Mali, book online to find Etihad’s popular deals. To attend the Festival in the Desert, a musical celebration of Saharan culture, be sure to reserve your hotel and tickets to Mali several months in advance. Take advantage of the cheap hotels in Mali during the wet season from June to November.

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